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Pool Heaters in Statesville, NC

Maintaining a stable and warm water temperature in your swimming pool can be a challenging endeavor, particularly when faced with fluctuating weather conditions. Whether you opt for a natural gas pool heater, propane, or an electric heat pump, these heaters offer a dependable solution for prolonging your swimming season and keeping the pool temperature cozy to extend your pool season.

Types of Pool Heaters

Automatic pool cover pump on top of blue wet cover in front of defocused garden foliage. Perspective view of black pool cover pump for keeping the water away from pool covers or spas. Selective focus.

Our selection of pool heaters you can choose from is varied, including options like electric heat pumps, natural gas heaters, propane pool heaters, and electric resistance heaters. The right pool heater for your needs is determined by several factors, such as pool size, maintenance costs, and weather conditions during your swimming season. Electric heat pumps like our recommended Jandy pumps are often favored for their higher efficiency, while gas pool heaters are known for their quick heating capabilities, though they may incur higher maintenance costs. In colder months, when direct sunlight isn’t adequate to keep your outdoor pool warm, choosing the appropriate heater becomes essential for maintaining a comfortable pool temperature.

Choosing the right pool heater is just the starting point; expert installation is equally if not more important. Incorrect or amateur installation can lead to inefficiencies and even jeopardize the safety of your pool, adding unnecessary maintenance costs over time. At Net Positive Pools of Statesville, our skilled team specializes in the meticulous installation of various types of pool heaters, from electric heat pumps to natural gas heaters, making sure your swimming pool is prepared for an extended swimming season, year-round. Trusting professionals for the installation ensures that your pool heater pump operates at peak performance, offering you a worry-free and comfortable swimming experience.

Pool Heater Installation

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Pool Heater Repair

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The possibility of equipment malfunctions, be it issues with a pool pump or leaks in a gas pool heater, is ever-present. Our all-encompassing repair services cater to various heater types with the goal of quickly returning your pool water to its ideal comfortable temperature. Whether it’s repairing an electric resistance heater or diagnosing problems with a heat pump, our experienced technicians are equipped to tackle any challenge, ensuring your swimming season remains undisturbed despite colder outside temperatures.

To prolong the lifespan of your pool heater and reduce maintenance costs, regular upkeep is essential. Neglected pool equipment can lead to a shortened swimming season and uncomfortable pool water temperatures, especially problematic for larger pool owners where heater malfunctions can drastically affect the outdoor pool experience. Our Weekly Pool Maintenance Program goes beyond just maintaining heated water and cleanliness; it also ensures the peak performance of your entire pool system, including heat pumps and pool pumps, even in colder weather conditions.

Direct Manufacturer Support

One of the unique benefits we provide is direct manufacturer support. This ensures expedited repairs and access to authentic parts, giving you peace of mind that your pool equipment—from heat pumps to pool pumps—is top-notch in quality.

Net Positive Pools is committed to alleviating the complexities of pool maintenance for homeowners. Contact us today for all your inground pool heater and other pool-related needs.

Why Choose Net Positive Pools?

For dependable, high-quality, and long-lasting pool equipment solutions, repairs, and upgrades, Net Positive Pools of Statesville is your go-to service provider. Earning a reputation as a top service provider in North Carolina, our team consists of expert, background-checked, and client-centric service technicians. Our transparent pricing model offers an economical solution for ground pool owners in the Statesville area and beyond.

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You anticipate your pool's water to be sparkling clear, signifying a setting that appears to be germ-free. But dirty water can produce a dangerous environment for your family and friends, leading to major health issues.

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