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York County Pool Equipment & Repair Services

At Net Positive Pools, we are passionate about creating and maintaining the perfect pool experience for our customers. With our deep-seated knowledge and proficiency in pool equipment and repairs, our team stands ready to tackle any pool issue. Whether it’s optimizing your equipment, upgrading systems, or performing dependable repairs, count on us to deliver top-notch solutions. Discover more about our equipment range and reach out for a consultation!

Equipment, Repairs, & Replacements

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Is your pool equipment showing signs of wear, dysfunction, or falling short of expectations? Our experts analyze and oversee every aspect of your pool equipment to provide the cost-effective remedy, ensuring seamless pool functionality. From one-time repairs to complete system enhancements and weekly maintenance, our team is here to assist you!

For York County’s pool owners, equipment glitches can disrupt your pool routine. We understand the urgency of swift and dependable repairs, whether it’s a pump glitch, filter concerns, lighting hiccups, or heater problems. At Net Positive Pool Services, we bring the expertise and tools to swiftly restore your pool to its prime condition and maintain its excellence.

Pumps, Lights, Heaters, & More

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Automation: A Game-Changing Pool Upgrade

Automated pool system

Imagine effortlessly controlling your pool’s system with a simple tap on your smartphone. With state-of-the-art automation systems, you gain complete mastery over your pool’s temperature, lighting, filtration, and more. Net Positive Pools offers advanced automation solutions, designed to simplify and enhance your pool upkeep. Enjoy more pool time and less maintenance with our help.

Partnered with leading brands, Net Positive Pools has direct access to premium pool equipment. This enables us to source and implement upgrades or replacements with unparalleled efficiency. Our offerings come with a three-year warranty on parts and labor, providing peace of mind for the future. Rest assured, we’re here to swiftly address and resolve any issues that may arise.

Direct Manufacturer Support for Reliable Solutions

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South Carolina’s Go-To for Pool Equipment & Repair

Net Positive Pools stands as the foremost pool service provider, offering comprehensive equipment upgrades and repairs. Our seasoned, background-checked technicians combine professionalism and friendliness, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory service. Transparent pricing ensures cost-effective solutions to maintain a stunning, functional pool all year round.


We are quickly becoming the top Pool Cleaning Company in Huntersville

You anticipate your pool's water to be sparkling clear, signifying a setting that appears to be germ-free. But dirty water can produce a dangerous environment for your family and friends, leading to major health issues.

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