Green to Clean Pool

How to Clean a Green Pool Fast

Being able to enjoy a swim in your pool means making sure the water stays clear. If your swimming pool has algae growth, this can turn the water green. Although your pool can also end up with yellow, pink, or black algae, green algae is the most common type. With certain conditions, such as warm temperatures or a lack of chlorine, algae will thrive in your pool and ruin your summertime. 

Knowing more about why pools turn green, how to clean a green pool, and how to prevent this from happening can help ensure that your pool stays ready to use all summer long. Green algae can give your swimming pool an unpleasant and unwelcoming environment that might be harmful to swim in. The following tips, tricks, and services can help you better understand green pool algae.

Causes of a Green Pool – Why Is My Pool Green?

Your pool can become green for several reasons, and it’s likely a mix of a few. Any of the following can cause you to have a green pool. When you know what is causing this to happen, you can take steps to properly clean your pool and prevent it from turning green again.

Unbalanced Swimming Pool Water

Your pool water needs to have the right balance of chemicals in order to stay clean and in good condition. Unbalanced pool water can occur if you have a lack of chlorine or a very low chlorine level. This can also happen if your pool has high pH levels and the wrong amount of cyanuric acid, which acts as a stabilizer. Restoring the right balance of chemicals can help keep your pool clear.

Poor Water Circulation

Pool water needs good circulation to keep it clean and prevent algae from growing. Problems with water circulation due to a faulty pool pump can lead to green water. Replacing or repairing your pool pump might be necessary if you have poor water circulation.

Warm Temperatures

Warm temperatures and sunlight exposure provide the conditions that algae need to grow. When your pool chemicals aren’t balanced or water isn’t properly circulating, green algae is even more likely to grow when it’s warm out. Removing algae, cleaning your pool, and maintaining it can help prevent algae growth, even during warm weather.


Organic debris, dead algae, and other kinds of debris can turn your pool water green. Removing debris from your pool with a skimmer and thoroughly cleaning it to remove all other debris can make the water clear again.


Rainwater can interfere with the chlorine levels and other chemical levels in your pool. When rain falls into your pool, it can dissolve or dilute these chemicals, throwing the water’s chemical levels out of balance. This makes it easier for green algae to grow.

Poor Filtration

Your swimming pool needs good filtration in order to remove harmful microbes and other particles from the water. With poor filtration, your pool can end up becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and develop an algae bloom that quickly makes the water appear green. Cleaning your pool and ensuring proper filtration can help correct this problem.

Steps to Clean a Green Pool Fast

When the weather’s sunny and warm, you might be eager to go for a swim. How long do you have to wait if your pool water is green? This depends in part on how much algae is present and how quickly you take action. In general, it might take several days to clean a green pool on your own and ensure that it’s ready for use again. Professional services can properly clean your pool in a shorter amount of time.

Shocking Your Pool

Shock treatment can help eliminate algae from your pool. Although you can do this on your own, you’ll need to know how much treatment to use. This is based on your pool’s chemical levels. Getting the right amount of treatment is essential for making sure algae is killed and your chemical levels are balanced again. Professional shock treatment helps ensure that this is done correctly.

Hire a Green to Clean Service

A Green to Clean service provides a convenient and thorough way to eliminate algae and green water. This professional service involves destroying algae with chemicals, removing debris, and balancing your pool’s chemical levels again.

How a Green to Clean Service Works

When you hire a Green to Clean service, what can you expect? At Net Positive Pools, this service starts with our experts assessing the current condition and water balance of your pool. We will drop a few, targeted chemicals in the water to break down the algae. 

We’ll then pump out your pool to get rid of as much algae and debris as possible. Keep in mind that your pool might need multiple treatments before it’s clear. We’ll then slowly reintroduce chemicals to the water to achieve the right balance and keep your water safe to swim in. 

Women pool technicians testing swimming pool water

Routine Steps to Maintain a Clear Pool

How can you make sure you don’t end up with green pool water again? The following steps can help you keep pool water clean and clear, so you can jump in and enjoy swimming at any time.

Test and Balance the Water Chemistry

Making sure your pool’s water chemistry is well-balanced is one of the most important ways to keep it clean. The right chemical balance helps prevent algae spores and other organic matter from making your water dirty and discolored. Test your pool’s chemical levels regularly, and add chlorine and other chemicals as needed.

Brush and Vacuum the Pool

Brushing the sides and other surfaces of your pool can help remove debris and any algae spores that might be lurking. Going over surfaces with a brush stops organic matter and debris from building up and spreading. Vacuuming your pool after brushing removes debris from the water.

Clean the Pool Filter

Your pool filter plays an important role in preventing algae growth and the buildup of bacteria and other microbes. Having a clean pool filter means that it can do its job of keeping your pool water clear. Check and clean your pool filter on a regular basis, so it can work properly.

Monitor Equipment Health

The health of your pool equipment can affect the risk of having green water. If you have equipment that is damaged, worn, or old, have it repaired or replaced as needed. Pool equipment that’s in good condition helps keep your water clean and prevents water discoloration and other problems.

Clean the Skimmer Basket

Skimmers offer a convenient way to remove debris from the water. However, using a dirty skimmer basket means you could be adding debris to the water instead of removing it. Keep your pool’s skimmer basket clean at all times, so that it can effectively pick up debris from the water.

Cover the Pool When Not in Use

Having stagnant water in your pool provides a good environment for algae growth, especially with exposure to rainwater and the sun’s UV rays. Use a pool cover to keep the water safe from algae and other organic matter that affects water quality. A safety cover can keep your pool covered and clean while enhancing the safety of your backyard.

Hiring a Routine Pool Service Is Key

From testing water chemistry to monitoring equipment health, pool maintenance can take up a considerable amount of your time. However, it’s important to do regular maintenance in order to keep your pool in good shape. Keep in mind that this involves knowing what your pool chemical levels should be, how to recognize issues with pool equipment, and much more. Instead of tackling these tasks yourself, consider hiring a reliable pool cleaning company. A professional company can take care of weekly maintenance tasks, so you can have clean and clear pool water all season long.

Male pool technician testing water chemical

A One-Stop-Shop For Pool Service, Equipment, & Repairs

Net Positive Pools provides a dependable pool cleaning service including a Green to Clean Treatment and regular visits. We have a team of experienced pool professionals ready to get your pool back in good condition and keep it that way all year long. All technicians receive extensive training and undergo a background check for reliability, expertise, and quality service you can rely on. 

Net Positive Pools serves a variety of pool owners in the Carolinas with locations in Huntersville, NC, Statesville, NC, and Greenville, SC.

Other Pool Services from Net Positive Pools

At Net Positive Pools, we know how important it is to have a trustworthy and effective pool service team on your side. 

In addition to weekly pool maintenance and Green to Clean services, we offer leak detection, equipment repairs, acid wash, filter cleaning, safety covers, and more. Not sure what your pool needs? Our team can create a custom pool service plan with set pricing and convenient visits. 

To learn more about our pool services or to schedule pool cleaning and routine maintenance, please contact Net Positive Pools.