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Pool Pumps by Net Positive Pools

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For all pool owners, a working pool pump is pivotal for maintaining an effective and clean swimming pool setup. At Net Positive Pools, we recognize the importance of your pool pump in ensuring clear and balanced water in your swimming area. Whether you are struggling with a faulty pool pump, considering a switch to a highly efficient variable speed pump, or have other pool maintenance needs, our team is here to offer timely and dependable pool pump repair and replacement options.

Pool Pump Repair & Pool Pump Replacement

Your pool pump’s performance can be compromised by issues such as a worn-out shaft seal, a damaged seal plate, or a malfunctioning pool motor. Addressing even minor problems promptly is essential; otherwise, they can grow into bigger issues. It’s also crucial to keep your pool pump motor running smoothly to protect other pool components. With our team at Net Positive Pools, you’re in good hands. We have extensive experience in repairing pool equipment from major brands, ensuring your swimming pool pump is either repaired or your new pool pump is replaced efficiently. Notably, as an old pump can increase energy consumption, it might be more economical to consider newer efficient pool pump models. Modern variable-speed pumps are crafted for energy efficiency and durability. We’re here to advise whether a repair or a replacement best suits your needs, presenting energy-efficient options like variable-speed pumps. Contact us for a free estimate and guidance on the optimal solution for your pool filtration system.

pool pump repair and replacement in water

Direct Manufacturer Support

Thanks to our strong connection with manufacturers, we can readily access an extensive array of pool pump parts and equipment. This relationship ensures we’re always in the loop regarding the newest developments and best methods for pool equipment upkeep. Our substantial inventory means fewer delays waiting for parts to be ordered. As a result, we can offer quick replacements, minimizing interruptions and delivering top-quality residential pool equipment for your exact needs. Be it a new pump change-out or an immediate repair, trust that Net Positive Pools is prepared to serve you effectively.

Why choose Net Positive Pools?

At Net Positive Pools our reputation thrives on the deep expertise our team offers. We’re skilled in all facets of pool equipment, from motors to pump housing. When you entrust your pool to us, you’re teaming up with dedicated professionals who prioritize top-notch customer service. Our reach spans key regions, including Huntersville, NC; Greenville, SC; Statesville, NC; York County, SC; and Charleston, SC. ensuring quick services to these and nearby areas. Beyond our notable pool pump services, we offer a range of pool service solutions, like our Weekly Pool Maintenance Program, making regular maintenance easier and giving you peace of mind.

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You anticipate your pool's water to be sparkling clear, signifying a setting that appears to be germ-free. But dirty water can produce a dangerous environment for your family and friends, leading to major health issues.

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