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Pool Opening Service

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The best time for some much-needed pool care is right after the winter months. Just like a pool closing in the fall, certain steps need to be taken to maintain the safety and look of your inground pool. Our team offers a comprehensive start-up service to prepare your swimming pool for the summer season ahead. 

Balancing Water Chemistry

If your pool is properly balanced, your water should not have an odor from the pool chemicals in the water. Proper pool water chemistry will look crystal clear, and feel incredibly clean. The salt cell filtration equipment has to be serviced regularly to ensure that it is clear of build-up and working correctly; we offer this service twice a year.

Addition of a chemical to pH meter for measure the acidity of water in a swimming pool
Cleaning swimming pool of fallen leaves with blue skimmer in summer time

Pool Cleaning

Our start-up pool cleaning services are designed to take the hassle out of the initial maintenance phase, allowing you to dive into crystal-clear waters with confidence. From removing the winter cover and cleaning debris to adjusting the water level and ensuring proper filtration, our experienced technicians meticulously handle every aspect of start-up cleaning, ensuring your pool is primed for an enjoyable swimming season from the start.

Pool Equipment

Aside from the basic pool opening tasks, start-up is a great time to access the functionality of your pool equipment. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your filtration system, consider liner replacements, install a state-of-the-art safety cover, or enhance your pool’s automation capabilities, we have you covered. Our pool experts work closely with you to assess your pool’s requirements and recommend the most suitable equipment tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Replacement Pool Filter Cartridge in a woman's hand. Filter reuse.

Why Net Positive Pools?

Our pool service technicians have years of experience with pool openings. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and industry-leading expertise, pool owners trust Net Positive Pools to provide top-of-the-line equipment and unmatched service, ensuring your pool operates at peak performance for years to come. We offer a comprehensive weekly pool maintenance program so you can be unbothered this pool season.


Open the pool for the season when the weather consistently reaches above 70°F (21°C) to prevent water from being too cold for comfortable swimming and to reduce the risk of algae growth.

To open your pool, you’ll typically need chemicals like chlorine shock to kill bacteria and algae, algaecide to prevent algae growth, pH increaser or decreaser to balance pH levels, and a pool stabilizer to protect chlorine from sunlight degradation. Of course, we offer this in our service so you don’t have to store chemicals.

Yes! We offer start-up services to both kinds of pools, read more about saltwater maintenance in our blog here.

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You anticipate your pool's water to be sparkling clear, signifying a setting that appears to be germ-free. But dirty water can produce a dangerous environment for your family and friends, leading to major health issues.

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