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Pool Heaters in Huntersville, NC

Ensuring a consistently warm pool water temperature in your swimming pool can be complex, especially given unpredictable weather conditions. Pool heaters, whether they are gas pool heaters, propane, or electric pool heaters, provide a reliable way to extend your swimming season and keep your pool temperature comfortable all year long.

Types of Pool Heaters

Automatic pool cover pump on top of blue wet cover in front of defocused garden foliage. Perspective view of black pool cover pump for keeping the water away from pool covers or spas. Selective focus.

The range of pool heaters we offer for installation is diverse, encompassing electric heat pumps, natural gas heaters, propane pool heaters, and electric resistance heaters. The optimal choice of pool heat pump is influenced by factors such as your pool size, ongoing maintenance costs, and the weather conditions during your swimming season. While electric heat, like the ones we recommend from Jandy, pumps are generally preferred for their higher efficiency, gas pool heaters offer the advantage of rapid heating, albeit at potentially higher maintenance costs. Identifying the right pool heater becomes crucial in colder climates of months when direct sunlight alone isn’t sufficient to maintain a comfortable temperature for your outdoor pool.

Proper installation of pool heaters is a vital choice in maintaining the overall health of your pool. Incorrect installation can lead to added maintenance costs over time due to inefficiencies with the setup. Our expert team at Net Positive Pools of Huntersville excels in the precise installation of a wide range of pool heaters, ensuring your swimming pool is equipped for a year-round pool season. Trusting professionals for this part of your pool is one of the nest decisions you can make to ensure you protect your investment. 

Pool Heater Installation

Technician fixing swimming pool water heater pump. Service and maintenance for swimming pool.

Pool Heater Repair

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Equipment failures, whether it’s a problematic pool pump or a leaking gas pool heater, are always a possibility. Our comprehensive repair services cover all heater types, aiming to restore your pool’s ideal temperature swiftly. From mending an electric resistance heater to troubleshooting issues with a heat pump, our skilled technicians are prepared for any challenges to keep your swimming season uninterrupted.

To extend the longevity of your pool heater and minimize average cost, routine care is indispensable. Overlooked heaters can not only shorten your swimming season but also result in undesirable pool temperatures. This is especially vital for owners of larger pools, where a malfunctioning heater can have a significant effect on the outdoor swimming experience. Our Weekly Pool Maintenance Program not only focuses on heated water and keeping your pool clean but also ensures the optimal performance of all your pool equipment, even under colder weather conditions.

Direct Manufacturer Support

A standout feature of our services is the direct manufacturer support we offer. This not only speeds up repairs but also ensures you get authentic parts, instilling confidence that your pool equipment—from heat pumps to pool pumps—is of the highest quality available.

Net Positive Pools is dedicated to easing the stress of pool maintenance for homeowners. Reach out to us today for all your inground pool heater requirements.

Why Choose Net Positive Pools?

For reliable, top-tier, and enduring solutions for your pool equipment, repairs, and upgrades, look no further than Net Positive Pools of Huntersville. Gaining recognition as a leading service provider in North Carolina, we boast a team of highly experienced, background-verified, and customer-friendly service technicians. Additionally, our transparent pricing structures present a budget-friendly option for ground pool owners in the Huntersville area and beyond.

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You anticipate your pool's water to be sparkling clear, signifying a setting that appears to be germ-free. But dirty water can produce a dangerous environment for your family and friends, leading to major health issues.

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