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Pool Water Testing System Service

We use the most advanced water test system for the most accurate results. The Xpress Flex Testing System by Taylor Technologies is the premier pool test system that you have full access to at our store. Bring your water sample in, for free, and allow us to test the water chemistry so you don’t have to. 

Testing kit used by Net Positive Pools

Taylor Technologies Testing System

The Xpress Flex Testing System by Taylor Technologies is distinguished by its speed, accuracy, affordability, customization, integration capabilities, and ease of use. The system employs advanced imaging and intelligent software, along with specifically designed test strips, to deliver highly accurate results. The Xpress Flex system can test for a range of pool chemistry parameters, including total chlorine/bromine, pH level, total alkalinity, total hardness, cyanuric acid, salt, borate, copper, free chlorine, iron, and phosphate. The testing system includes the Xpress Flex device, Flex pool test strips, water sample dipping vials, a test strip loader, and test strip clips. Come into the store for free water testing without having to purchase the machine! After testing the water, we will be able to advise you on the chemicals needed to maintain a clean pool.

Water Testing Services for Free

Our Taylor Technologies water testing service is indispensable for ensuring water safety and chemical balance in pools, spas, and various industrial settings. This test system is pivotal for achieving accurate results in maintaining optimal water chemistry, crucial for preventing bacterial growth and ensuring the longevity of pool equipment. Its precision in measuring chlorine and other chemical levels makes the Xpress Flex system a superior choice for swimming pool and spa/ hot tub owners. The system, including pool test strips and a digital tester, simplifies pool testing. Regularly taking advantage of our service for water testing, especially considering factors like water temperature and salt levels, is a key aspect of responsible pool chemistry and spa water management.

Net Positive Pool's testing kit for pool water

Why Net Positive pools

Net Positive Pools is committed to providing high-quality products that ensure effective pool water testing and maintenance. We have a comprehensive range of products that you can use for free, including our water test systems, pool test strips, and digital testers, essential for monitoring water chemistry in swimming pools and spas. We also have a wide variety of other pool supplies and equipment for all your needs.

Our direct manufacturer relationship allows us to obtain high-quality products from name brands. Water quality is only as good as the products that support it. Aside from excellent products, our service technicians are here to install and maintain all equipment in your pools.

We are quickly becoming the top Pool Cleaning Company in Huntersville

You anticipate your pool's water to be sparkling clear, signifying a setting that appears to be germ-free. But dirty water can produce a dangerous environment for your family and friends, leading to major health issues.

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