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How to Acid Wash a Pool

Swimming pool that is almost empty with dirty water end of the summer season

Are you tired of seeing your once vibrant swimming pool looking dull and uninviting? You’ve tried everything, but the stains and mineral deposits just won’t go away. You might need an acid wash, but how do you acid wash your pool?

Dive into Winter: A Comprehensive Guide to Pool Closing Chemicals

pool cover rolled up above pool

As winter approaches, pool owners know that closing their swimming pools is a necessary but often complicated task. This guide will reveal the intricacies of pool chemicals needed for a secure winter closure and explore why professional services like those offered by Net Positive Pools can make all the difference. Essential Pool Closing Chemicals & […]

How to Clean a Green Pool Fast

Green to Clean Pool

Being able to enjoy a swim in your pool means making sure the water stays clear. If your swimming pool has algae growth, this can turn the water green. Although your pool can also end up with yellow, pink, or black algae, green algae is the most common type. With certain conditions, such as warm […]

How To Remove Copper, Iron, & Other Metal Stains in Pools

Keeping your swimming pool in pristine condition means you can look forward to using it whenever you want. When your pool develops unsightly stains, though, you might be hesitant about jumping in. It’s important to determine what’s causing these stains and how to remove them. If your pool has stains that have a bluish-green color, […]